Online Video Campaign Workshop

A practical day workshop to learn how to make low-tech online videos of campaign activity.

Promote your campaign or project through film and upload it to social media, such as YouTube and Facebook, in one day.  Accessible to anyone, no special technical skills necessary.

An intensive training day which guides you through the planning, filming and editing process, using consumer equipment and existing software in your computer (for mac & PC).

The workshop is lead by two experienced filmmakers/activists, Iñigo Garrido and Jan Nimmo, who have worked on several protests and online campaign videos, social documentaries and have training experience, both are members of the Camcorder Guerrillas collective.

book a course or call for more information.

More training options available and film commissions considered.

Learn how to plan, film, edit, upload your own films to YouTube (or Vimeo) and disseminate them using social networks, all with basic camcorders and standard free software already on your computer.  No special computer skills or previous filming experience required.